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Designing your CV applying in a Digital Agency | CV Templates

Designing your CV

Now of course, this sort of thing might be a bit over the top if you are applying for a teaching job, an HR position, or even a clerks’ person. The following would be a perfect way to make your CV stand out from all other CVs applying for the job if you are applying for a job as an artist, a web designer, a graphic designer, or even if you plan on working in a digital agency. Make your CV stand out by adding to it a couple of crazy twists and turns that suit well with your major and job.
Forget about the cliché that a Resume should be very formal, I mean it should include all the information you would usually have on a regular CV, but you will simply be presenting them with a different take on the matter. So instead of using the usual CV templates as a formal CV, make your own CV template that includes colours, graphs, random drawings, computer codes here and there.
Think about it what would be your employer’s first impression as he sees your CV – curiosity – he would continue on reading and would come to the realization that you are complete in love with your major; either it be a fashion designer, graphic designer, web designer, … you can start with your job before you actually start in the job; market yourself on your CV as if you are already working in a digital agency.
There is a definite risk in doing this, but you cannot deny the fun it would be to actually create your own CV design from scratch; it would be a risk, but it would definitely be worth it if you get a higher position than expected. Keep in mind employer always look for originality in the person they will be adding to their company.