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A Tragic Mistake on your CV | Resume Advice

A Tragic Mistake on your CV

We all want to have a perfect CV in order to land the job we have been dreaming about ever since we were kids. It might take a while; you might have to pass through several jobs before getting that perfect job you have always wanted! With every job you get along the way your experience gets better and the more you have a chance at your dream job. There is one thing that could potentially ruin your chances for good; lying on your CV.
You might think that one tiny lie won’t hurt, you increase your years of working, you add an experience that does not exist, you edit your credential and your graduating certificate with the courses you have taken. You might think that it would pass and would go unnoticed but at the same time increasing your chances of getting the job. I might have to stop you there!
There was a guy who was about to land his dream job in a great company for law – that is until the employer decided to do a degree verification. The guy did in fact take courses at university but he did not actually graduate. The job he was about to get did not need a degree to qualify for the it, but he lost all his chances of ever getting it because of that small lie he put up on his cv resume.
Lying will cause you a lot of damage on your CV and in your field of work – even if the lie did pass at the beginning; if someone asked you to do something you have mentioned on your CV, but you actually have no idea how to, you would face an even bigger problem. Stay honest and true and believe that with time your dream job would be yours without the need to lie.