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7 Words you Must Include in your CV

7 Words you Must Include in your CV

In a previous article we have discussed the words you should stay away from when writing your resume, no matter what! Words you use really do have a great effect on the way your employer would see you, and his consideration of whether your addition to the company would be a good move that would help the workplace grow and prosper. The usage of words has a far more detailed meaning than you might think; so here is a list of words you should consider including in your CV!
  1. Able
    When you use the word able it would make the employer see that you not only have the will to do the task, but you are also able to handle anything. E.g.: I am able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis.
  2. Dependable
    The usage of this word would signify that you have the courage to do tasks alone, and that you can be the kind of person who people could depend on in doing tasks at the workplace.
  3. Experience
    This would show your employer that you know what you are talking about when it comes to doing your job, and that the chances of you doing any mistakes in the workplace would be very slim; in addition, you would save your employer the headache of having to train you.
  4. Flexible
    Here is the deal with using this word; you cannot say that you have a flexible time and then start throwing reasons why you are not able to do a certain task, or come on a certain day! Using the word flexible has to also be accompanied by honestly that you truly are flexible in your time.
  5. Delivers
    Usage of this word would be in the field of your achievements; you would be making it clear to your employer that you not only do your job, but you also deliver them on time and with no mistakes.
  6. Managed
    This word is also used when you are talking about your achievements; do not use it in the sense that you managed to get a degree – this is something that you should have done – instead use it in the sense that you managed a project and/or when you did a certain task at work you managed to get a very impressive outcome.
  7. Won
    Now here is a word that not everyone can use; it mostly depends on the kind of job you are applying for, you can mention within the word won if you have received any awards, medals, or anything that could stand out in relation to the job you are aiming for.