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A Simple CV Layout

When it comes to creating your CV, you would definitely want to perfect it since you would like to show your employer to be that you are organized, on point, and capable of doing even simple facts with utter perfection. Thinking that the more complex, and the more information you have in your CV is the key to achieving your goal; you are wrong! Having a simple CV that conveys all the information with simplicity is the key to make you employer want to hire you!


While creating a CV, you have to keep in mind the quote by Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Keep your CV layout simple and on point to get the best outcome possible. Here are some pointers you should keep in mind when creating your CV so that you would insure the perfection your design desires.


Messy is Bad

If you have too much graphics and lines all over your CV, then you need to change the layout. Having information crammed up inside lines and design might not be the best thing to have. This would cause the employer to lose concentration on what really matters and focus on the designs – keep it simple and elegant!



As you probably should know that a CV has to have categories in which you organise your information to make them clear to understand. Make sure that the information you provide are not sticking together as one single block of words. Keep 2 spaces between each category, and use short sentences for describing your job. – easy and straight to the point!


Seek Help

If you find yourself having trouble creating your CV with the design that you wish to have, you can always seek help! That is you can use websites that offer you Simple CV layouts that you can choose from, and a place to fill in your information! An example of such a website is YourCVBuilder in which you can create your own CV easily and simply.