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A CV Design that will Blow your Mind

A CV Design that will Blow your Mind

Writing a CV with excellence is your window to a successful career, a career that you have always wanted to have. Attention to detail is of paramount importance when writing a CV as it will create a first impression for your possible employer, and as we all know first impressions are very important since they would stick in a person’s mind for a very long time! Your CV is a marketing tool that you use to communicate your positive attributes to your potential employer. So your CV has to be perfected in every way possible.


There are some important things to include in your CV that should keep your potential employer engaged from the first word until the last one. In order for you CV to have the perfect design you should include these 6 categories in the following order:


  1. Contact Detail
    In the contact detail; that is the top part of your CV that should include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail (that you use and check constantly).
  2. Educational History
    When you are listing your educational history, you should list them in reverse chronological order – the last one you have done should come first, and you go back in time to your first.
  3. Employment History
    The employment history in your CV should also be listed as your educational history in reverse chronological order. And each listing in your employment history should include the following elements: Title of position – Length of time in position – responsibilities – name of organization.
  4. Additional Skills & Qualifications
    This section of your CV includes details of additional skills and qualifications that you have accumulated over your education and employment history. You should list any qualifications that you have acquired. You can include things such as: Computer Skills, Organisational Skills, Communication Skills, Teamwork Skills, Leadership Skills, Analysis Skills, and Technical Skills.
  5. Personal Interests
    In this section you tell your employer a bit about yourself and your personal interests that are of good purpose and would work in parallel with the job you are applying for, though you should keep in mind to avoid mentioning any activities related to political, religious or any other controversial topics as this could potentially alienate the reader.
  6. References
    Conclude your CV with a section giving details of two referees or three maximum. It is recommended that you include the name and relationship that the person has/had with you followed by "details available upon request", or simply put “references given upon request” so you could change them depending on the job.