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Resume objective | Legally Blond | Pink and Scented Resume

Resume Objective Purpose

When giving in your Resume to your potential employer, you have no room to make a single mistake; everything has to be perfectly done in order to nail that job position without having to beg anyone to hire you! Your resume must carefully targeted and perfectly modelled to reflect all you need to say. Here is how you can insure that your resume objective purpose would stand out!


You can try the Elle Woods approach from the movie Legally Blond;


Professor Callahan: It’s pink…

Elle: Oh! And it’s scented! I think it gives it a little something extra…don’t you think?


It is most definite that you will surely make an impression, but that does not necessarily mean it is a good one! So, to make your resume stand out… focus on your objective and I assure you greatness would be coming your way!


A Resume Objective is a short, targeted statement that clearly outlines your career direction while simultaneously positioning you as someone who fits what the employer is looking for exactly. Your objective is carefully researched and tailored to fit the job you’re applying for. In short, it’s a quick summary of where you’ve been so far in your career and where you want to go with the company you are applying to.


Not every Resume you will apply should include an objective… ask yourself 2 questions to know whether you should include one or not

  1. Are you changing industries?
  2. Are you targeting a specific job or position?

If you answered yes, then you need to have an objective on your resume, but if your answer was no; you might not need to have an objective on your resume and can consider trying out the alternative Resume Summary Statement.

To pick out a perfectly structured resume objective, check our Article: “Writing a Resume Objective