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Top 4 Tips for a Marketing Job CV

Top 4 Tips for a Marketing Job CV

Whether you are after a creative job, a design job, or a job in account management, an excellent Resume is the first task to have in mind in order to get the job you have always wanted. Employers only look at your CV for a maximum of 20 seconds, in order to make a great impression that would make them read on, it is very important to get it perfectly right.


Key Skills:

When you are applying for a marketing job, instead of including an objective at the top of your CV, put your key skills; it could be strategic marketing planning, project management, advertising and direct marketing, CRM, database management, and branding. It all depends on your past experience and the job you are applying for.


Employment Dates:

Failure to commit and gaps in between jobs are both red flags; try to stay at every job at least a year. If you have any gaps in between jobs, explain your gap; using parenthesis or italics; “Travelled abroad”, “Time off for family”, or “Personal reasons”. Employers just want to see a rational explanation.


Tailor the CV:

Do not lie in your CV, just emphasis areas that will show you are a good fit for the job, and omit or do not stress on what would not help. Link your achievements with the requirements for the job you are applying for, and validate how you have used the skills.



Keep in mind that you are applying for a marketing job, so you must be able to market yourself first. Prove that by a short, targeted and achievement-driven CV that would make the employer interested in your skills.