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Tips for High School Students Resume | CV advice

Tips for High School Students Resume

The hardest thing you can do in the process of applying for a job is write your resume; it a crucial step that would most probably decide whether you get a call to come in for an interview or not. If you are a high school student with no experience at all, or just some summer jobs, writing you resume can be the toughest thing you can ever do! But fret no more and check out some useful tips for you in which you can get out of the “no experience” dilemma with ease of mind.


Here how you should get started in writing your resume:


  1. In order for you to save time worrying and designing the template you would use for you resume; check out a website where they offer free resume templates in which you only fill out the information, pick a template, and press DONE!
    Here is the link to our website: cvwizard YourCVBuilder 
  2. Get your information outlined – make a list of all jobs you had (summer jobs) even if you think they are irrelevant & also include all unpaid jobs you had (babysitting, lawn mowing, shovelling snow… or any other job)
    Include them all; the employer would like to see that you are capable of doing any task if you set your mind to it!
  3. Include all the activities you have done in school and outside of school – it does not matter if your applying for a tutoring position mention in the activities section that you played basketball in school. The more active you seem the better!
  4. Show your attitude and performance – mention the things about your personality that are positive (punctuality, honesty, courage…) boost yourself up!


The most important thing to keep in mind is to have an open mind and heart when applying for a job when you are in high school – even if you do not get hired from the first time you send out your resume do not be deterred, send out your resume to many places you hope to get in a job in, and if you get a call from all of them pick the one you feel your heart is calling out for the most!