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Pointer When Building your CV | Find a Job

Pointer When Building your CV

Getting your dream job is not an easy task to do especially with the current unemployment rates your hopes for getting a job with a decent pay might seem very minimal since others are applying for the same job as you with a lower expected salary therefore ‘your’ potential employer would go for this offer in order to gain more money for his company. In order for you to skip that glitch here are some pointers to keep in mind in order to make your CV stand out regardless of the expected salary you have put in.


  1. Prepare it in a simple Word format that can easily be viewed on most computers.
  2. List your recent job first and then go back. State the complete name of the company you worked for, what they do, and how long you were there. List the position you held and your accomplishments. Don’t use full sentences. Begin with verbs. 
  3. Get rid of objectives from you resume the employer doesn’t care about your objective. He cares about his. Or form your objective in a way that builds you will be aiming to achieve ‘his’ objective.
  4. Skip personal information such as married with three kids, or activities that you do in your spare time that are not relevant at all. Make yourself seem mature and stable.
  5. Numbers, statistics, and percentages get attention if you mention them. For example; increased profit by this 28%. Plus, they make you seem more learnt.
  6. Use words that refer to titles- customer service, controller, manager, accountant.
  7. Get the photos off your CV. You are looking for a job, not a date. (only include a picture if you are asked to) Design CV