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4 CV Tips for College Students

4 CV Tips for College Students

One of the hardest things to do is finding a job that meets your expectations and serves a purpose in your future career. This objective is especially hard when you are a fresh graduate, or are still in collage, but you are looking for a job! Therefore, you start sending out your CVs to potential employers, but almost 90% of CVs go unnoticed; to insure yours would not go unnoticed, and that you get the job that you want, here are some tips to keep in mind when tailoring your CV!


  1. Start off with Education
    Usually, in a normal CV layout, the education goes at the bottom of the page. In your case, place the education part at the top. Since you do not have any experience in the field of job you are applying for, the only weapon left with you is your education!
  2. Replace Objective with Qualifications
    Instead of topping your CV with a clear and simple objective, start of your CV with a list of your qualifications.
  3. Describe Jobs the Right Way
    Even though you still did not earn yourself the job you want, that does not mean you have not worked part-time jobs, or seasonal jobs. Describe those jobs the right way even if they seem unrelated! For example, if you worked as a waiter/waitress describe your job as having learned proper communication skills and responsibility.
  4. Pick the Perfect Length and Format
    Stick with a one paper CV, do not add unnecessary details since it would show you are trying very hard! If you are indecisive of the format to use, you can always check the CV templates offered on our website