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How to write the perfect cover letter | Cover Letter Tips

How to write the perfect cover letter


It is important to note that any company out here takes hiring new employees very seriously, especially when the company is well known or a start-up. This is due to the reason that a company wants to make sure that the people they are bringing in are well capable of maintain the high standards that the company wants to achieve over the long run. When you are submitting your cover letter, you must be able to show your employer that you are capable and well-built to handle such responsibilities. A way to do that is to be careful what you say in your cover letter.



  1. Use full sentences

    The difference between a cover letter and a CV is the fact that in a cover letter you are able to use full sentences to express what you want to say instead of bullet points. So instead of saying “I was in charge of inputting accounting data” form your sentence in this way “By inputting accounting data, I learned to interact calmly and diplomatically with employees who have submitted mistakes.” Use this method to tell employers why you are perfect for the job.

  2. Show your capabilities

    Your space to write in a cover letter is not just about telling your hiring managers what you were able to do in the past, but to show them what you are capable of doing in the future. consider crafting a section within the letter that begins with, ‘Here’s what, specifically, I can deliver in this role.’ And then expound upon your strengths in a few of the priority requirements for that role.” Says Jenny Foss, job search expert and founder of

  3. Highlight your skills

    If you have not had the chance to show off your work in previous jobs due to restrictions, or if you are a fresh graduate; instead of focusing on your past experiences, work on showing your skills and stating what you can do for the company due to the skills you are SURE you possess. It is also important to note that is the company requests any specific skill in which you do not have, find a way around it for example say “while I only have experience with…” “although I lack skills in [specific skill] I can…” don’t be negative, always be positive.

  4. Grab them with a hook

    Everyone loves a good story, even employees. Tell your employees a story in your cover letter, it would bring to the table a new perspective of thinking and approaching them, and it would show them how long you have wanted to work for their company. Tell them a story of why you want to work for their company; have you always sang along to its commercials on TV? Have you stared at the building when passing by? Do you park in the parking and daydream of working there? These kinds of stories are loved by everyone, and would prove you really want the job.