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What makes a Great Cover Letter Content | Cover Letter Examples

What makes a Great Cover Letter Content


There is certain fear that goes on inside a person’s mind whenever they think of writing a cover letter, this probably due to the added pressure of worrying about whether you would get accepted for the job you are applying for, in which you badly want it since it has been your dream job ever since you were a little kid. Or you might think that would anyone actually read all this or am I working myself to the extent and no one would read it?

First, yes, they are read, second, there is no need to add pressure to yourself by worrying about getting the job or not, if you have confidence in what you have written, then there is no reason why you would not get accepted for the job. Here are some tips you can use when forming your cover letter.


  1. Use numbers

    When we say use numbers, we do not mean to over use them. Put a few numbers here and there to show statistics and illustrate your impact on companies you have previously worked for.

  2. Use recommendation letters

    If you are in possession of any recommendations from previous co-workers, bosses, or clients, don’t be afraid to use them! If you do not want to include the recommendation letter you can add it in your cover letter in a smooth way by saying “as my past supervisor once said, …” this would help your future employer have a sense of the kind of person you are in a job, plus showing that you were previously liked gives you a very positive notion.

  3. Do not sell yourself

    When applying for a job, do not over throw yourself to your future employers, they would directly feel that you are just spreading cover letters all over the town to land any job. Think logically and be formal, yet not too formal – you are not addressing a queen. Muse career expert Katie Douthwaite says “When a recruiter reads, ‘Dear Hiring Manager, I am so excited to apply for the open position at your company, where I hope to utilize my skills to progress in my career,’ he or she immediately recognizes it for what it is—a stock cover letter that you’ve mass-distributed to every place in town” they will throw this cover letter in the trash.