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Positive Words That Describe Your Achievements

Positive Words That Describe Your Achievements

When forming your CV or cover letter, one tends to go in a writer’s block; the word choices that you must use seem to all be jumbled up into illogical organization and inaccuracy. This completely normal since when sending in your CV or cover letter, you are quite literary holding your future in your own hands. Word choice is very important, and employers tend to look at specific word choices you used that would show clearly who you are as a person and an employee. Here is a list of words you can use that would describe your achievements in a positive way!


  1. Achieve
    This word can be used in different perspectives depending on the job you are applying for; let’s say you are applying for a job that requires taking a certain test you can say ‘I have achieved a passing grade of [Grade] on the assigned test’ this would show your employer that you are proud and confident of your results. It can also be used as ‘I achieved by passing all the tasks given to me with great results’

  2. Compete
    Competes is also another word that mainly depends on the job requirements you are applying for. You can use this word in a context to signify that you were a part of a competition or marathon for a good cause. ‘I competed in the National Cheerleading Squad’ or ‘I competed in a marathon for kids with learning difficulties’

  3. Direct
    Directed is a word especially used for art majors; you can use this formal word to show your accomplishments ‘I directed a play from Shakespeare that has won me an award’ this would show your employer that you not only have ability to direct, but are a good director that gives positive outcomes.

  4. Help
    The word ‘help’ can show that you are a carrying and compassionate person that cares about the well-being of others. Being a helpful person is a great requirement for any job out there. ‘I help out at the local church’s activities and bake sales’ or ‘I help out at my local orphanage every Wednesday’

  5. Identify
    The word ‘identify’ is a powerful word. When you state to your potential employer that you have the ability to identify a problem easily, it makes you a great asset to his/her company. ‘I identified and fixed a bug in the computer system that could have endangered the whole company in a matter of seconds’