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Positive Words to Describe Yourself

Positive Words to Describe Yourself

Words are a powerful tool, words have the power to make or break a person especially in the sector of finding a job. When you send your CV or cover letter to a potential employer, all you have is your words; you are not there in person when the employer takes a look at your CV or cover letter, so, the words you chose are going to be defining who you are, and they will be holding your future! In order to ace your CV or cover letter, and grab the attention of your employer, you need to make sure that you use the appropriate words in either one of them. Check the list below for the words!


  1. Creative
    The word ‘creative’ can be used in different context, but you will only be using this word to one advantage. It is definitely NOT to say that you are a creative person, you don’t want to sell yourself cheap – form you sentence by saying that ‘I used a creative way to solve problems’ or ‘I overcame a task using a creative method’ show your potential employer that you can create solutions to any problem you might face.

  2. Energetic
    One of the main things employers look for in an employee is their energy and drive to work with passion and motivation. Make sure that you clearly state in your cover letter or CV that you are an energetic person in two aspects – working and learning. You can say something like ‘I am energetic to learn new skills’ or ‘I apply energy while working on tasks’

  3. Hardworking
    You might feel that mentioning that you are a hard-worker is mainstream, but an employer needs to know and see on your CV or cover letter that you are aware of the fact that you work hard to complete tasks. Mentioning it is a great boost for you and would definitely make your CV and cover letter stand out. ‘I am a hardworking and never leave my office until all tasks of the day are done’

  4. Honest
    We all have heard the famous quote: “Honesty is the best policy” well this quote has a solid basis. Wherever you go, and no matter what you want to accomplish in life, if you are honest about your intensions and skills, you can achieve your goals. Show that you are honest in two ways; ‘I am honest and trustworthy when counting money’ and ‘I am honest about my mistakes and weaknesses’ acknowledging that you have weaknesses make you strong!

  5. Imaginative
    Having the ability to imagine solutions for problems, and ways to deal with customers is big plus. Make it clear to your employer that you are aware of the fact that each customer should be treated in a different way depending on their personalities. Therefore, saying ‘I work with my team to provide imaginative solutions for our customers’ would signify this capability.