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5 Things Not to Include in Your CV

5 Things Not to Include in Your CV

When writing a CV, you can easily make simple mistakes that would lead for your CV to be unnoticed; sometimes it is simply best not to include some details and points. If you want to grab the attention of your employer and show them what you are made of, who you are, and what you can do for their company, your CV has to be impeccable and thoroughly constructed. Here are five things you need to remove from your CV to guarantee getting that job.
1. Hobbies and Interests:
Here is the thing, you employer does not really care what you do in your free time unless in some way it helps you in the job you are going to do. Do not include hobbies and interests if they do not support your overall professional message.
2. Third-Person View:
Your employer knows you are the one applying for the job; you do not need to write you CV in the third person point of view. Use the first person, and drop the use of pronouns if possible (e.g.: “worked at… not I worked at…)
3. Current Job E-mail Address:
Nothing says to an employer you are a bad addition to his company more than using your current job E-mail address as your own. Use an E-mail address that is in your name only.
4. Unimportant Jobs:
You may have worked at a dozen places on a time span of more than 15 years, but that does not mean every job you ever had is important for the job you are applying for now. Include only the jobs that would help you in getting the job you currently want.
5. Big Words:
You do not need to use big words to make yourself look smart and knowledgeable; it would only make your CV weak. Use regular words that are easy to understand.