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The Top 5 Tips When Writing a Cover Letter

The Top 5 Tips When Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter is very essential if you are applying for a specific job; it adds focus to your resume and highlights the accomplishments that are necessary for the job you are applying for. Employers generally take a resume much more seriously if it is accompanied by a cover letter; it shows that you know what kind of work you wish to do. It shows ambition, and this is the most important characteristic that employers look for. A cover letter explains specific things that your resume can’t; like if there are large gaps in between jobs, or if you changed your career choice.
Here are 5 tips to take into consideration when writing your cover letter.
1. Addressing the Letter:
If possible address you cover letter to a named individual, it shows your employer that your respect him, and his position.
2. Avoid Mistakes:
Make an extra effort to avoid any and all kinds of mistakes; grammatical, spelling mistakes, and slang language. You do not want to lose a chance at the job because of avoidable mistakes.
3. Highlight your skills:
When writing the cover letter, explain in details about your skills and how they would help the company prosper, also mention your accomplishments and experiences that are relevant the job you are applying for.
4. Request an interview:
At the end of your cover letter, request and interview with the employer; it would show that you are both confident about yourself and excited about working for the company.
5. Length of the Letter:
Make sure your cover letter does not exceed one page, it is even more preferable to make it half a page long. Your employer does not have time to read a long cover letter.