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Top 4 Reasons Why a Cover Letter is Important

Top 4 Reasons Why a Cover Letter is Important

A cover letter is a maximum of one page that you should include with your resume when applying for a job; it highlights your accomplishments and skills, and gives your employer a clear idea of who you are, and whether or not you are fit for the job. No matter how specific your resume is, it does not tell your whole story; a cover letter could be the missing weapon to insure you get that job. Here are the 4 reason why a cover letter is important.
1. Qualification:
A cover letter tells your employer how you are qualified for the job; since you explain in depth your achievements and skills and how they would help you in the job position.
2. Clear Things Up:
You cover letter gives you an advantage to explain in a positive way details about your resume; if you have large gaps in between jobs, or why you changed your career choice.
3. Boost Yourself Up:
When you write a cover letter, you employer can predict your work ethics, if you have attention to details, it gives the employer a glimpse into your personality that the resume can’t offer, and it shows that you are truly passionate about the job.
4. Understanding the Position:
When you know how to make your achievements and skills seem relevant to the job you are applying for, it gives you a positive outcome because the employer would know that you understand what the job requires.