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4 words that will make your CV go unnoticed

4 words that will make your CV go unnoticed

When it comes to writing your resume you only concentrate on the format you use, and the content to let your future employer know what you are capable of. Those are really important things to take into consideration, but you also have to think about the word choice you are using, some words can get your resume thrown into the trash while others will capture the employer’s attention. Here are 4 words to avoid using in your resume.
Avoid using the word “assisted” when it comes to listing your achievements; instead try replacing it by using words such as: “collaborated, contributed to, or cooperated” and take credit if the work was done by you alone.
Using the word responsible for would limit your ability to list out your accomplishments, avoid using this word and replace it by using specific verbs such as: “implemented, proposed, suggested”
Using the word “worked” is too vague and unclear in meaning; use words that would give you credibility such as: “launched, facilitated, doubled, enabled, and gathered”
Using the word objective is not wrong if you use it in the right place; it is acceptable if you use it in your headings, but avoid using this word in your sub-headings; it is just useless, it would make your resume seem weak, and make you sound desperate.