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The 7 Important Factors for a CV Layout

The 7 Important Factors for a CV Layout

Did you know it takes employees 0.8 seconds to look through your CV? A CV’s form is as important as its contents. Here are the top 7 most important factors to take into account when forming an appealing Resume that would help you get the job you want, and the position you always desired!
1. Create Consistency
Every detail in your CV matters. If you used bullets to list work experiences, then keep it consistent, use bullets for education, skill etc. Also, use same date format in listing all dates on the CV.
2. Emphasize Format 
As mentioned previously, consistency is important for your CV. Format your work consistently, if you bolded your heading of work experience, then bold all the headings in the CV.
3. Make it look good
Appearance is the key to an appealing CV:
     • Use white spaces in between headings to make the CV visually appealing.
     • One font is all you need in a CV. If you use two make sure they complement each other; use one for headings and the other for body text.
     • Use bolding and italics for headings, and previous job titles. Do not use underlining; studies show most readers find underlined texts harder to read.
4. Specify Objective
It is very important to include the objective at the top of your CV; it shows employers that you know what you want, and what you are looking for. It should not be specific, but shows that you are open to other opportunities.
5. Keep it Recent
To maintain an appealing CV, make sure it is always up-to-date. When something occurs that is important for a potential job make sure to mention it.
6. Balance it
Make sure you give importance to all the content in your CV equally. Do not write paragraphs.
7. Keep it real
An appealing CV should be no more than two pages, and those two pages should not include your whole life story. Keep it real! Straight to the point and make sure it is effective.