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How to use your writing skills for job promotion

How to use your writing skills for job promotion


If you are thinking how to distinguish yourself from other employees in your company, you can develop several skills that can lead you in job promotion. One of the strongest and most needed skills is mastering the written word.


The ability to express yourself is clearly essential, it starts with filling your job application and ends with performing everyday duties. Many industries speak of writing as a required skill. Working in such industries like finance, real estate, law and marketing increases the possibility of using your writing skills more often than in other employment areas. In order to help you, we created a list of top things you should do to develop and master your writing skills for job promotion.


Even if you are not looking for another job right now, chances are you won't refuse promotion. Build a firm foundation for future by paying attention to every piece of writing you make. Save all your technical and formal reports, master the skill of writing a report as many of the companies hiring nowadays estimate report writing as one of the most important duties of your job. If writing reports is not a part of your job requirements, communicating with managers and coworkers via email is a must part of the workplace.


Since email has replaced the business letter, it is essential to pay close attention to your email. Make sure it is well-written and error-free before you send it to your manager, it will only take you few minutes and it will surely change a picture of how your boss sees you at work. First of all, take your time and look through the email. Assure that the message is clear for the reader and does not involve additional questions. Proofread it, check the errors yourself as check form sees the misspelling but it won't fix the message if you have mistaken "form" instead "from".


When there is a chance of promotion, make sure you are ready. First of all, work on your job application. Your evaluation will begin with submitting your written application. There is no point in saying that it should be error-free, no one will promote you if you cannot even write without mistakes. That's why you should work on your application, take time to proofread it or better ask someone to proofread it for you. Remember, that even if you have been working in the company forever, you will still be competing against other job seekers that can be both your colleagues and strangers. 

It is very important to describe your achievements, as you are not the only employee and your boss most likely forgot what you've done over the years. Remind your employer what a good worker you are, use simple words and detailed report to show your previous work and bring your strong sides and ideas that will show that you can do the job better that anyone else.


Finally, if putting something on paper is one of the hardest things for you, remember that there are tons of places that will teach you. Luckily, writing is a unique skill that can be easily improved. Sign up for a business writing course at the nearest collage or look for a personal tutor that will point at your weakest sides in writing and ways of improving them.


In today's business world the ability to express yourself in writing is more important than ever. By improving your writing skills you will impress your colleagues and management as an intelligent, creative person who definitely deserves promotion.


Paula Green is an author of "How to use your writing skills for job promotion". Right now she works as an editor and an online writer for college essay at