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Middle East Gate Holding

United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates,
Construction, Manufacturing, Construction, Manufacturing, Construction, Manufacturing,
About The Company We are approved supplier in many of the governmental sectors such as ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity), Oil & Gas entities such as Gasco, Zadco as well as ADPC (Abu Dhabi Port Company). Our teams of professionals have several years working in UAE working for several international firms. We are already working in the UAE providing Principals the required experience and knowledge of the local perspectives, Official Authorities procedures for prequalification required. Our Team Management are too much aware about the Clients’ requirements/specifications/prequalification procedures and they will work with you to ensure there are no hiccups in the process and all paperwork submitted to the regulatory bodies is in order. The creation of prequalification approval is bound by strict compliance regulations overseen by the various regulatory bodies like ADWEA, Transco, Gasco , Zadco, etc. Consequently our team takes time to ensure all paperwork is compliant so that once submitted to the overseeing regulatory bodies they are approved quickly without the need to clarify details at a later date. Our Company is planning to be the Agent for a number of world-renowned manufacturers specialized in a wide range of Ports Equipments and services concerned with GCC Ports as well as Electrical Equipments and services concerned with Power Transmission, Distribution, and Generation Systems in GCC Electric Utilities. We as a management team don’t believe in partner relationship that based on forms of agreement we believe in mutual benefits and fruitful relations that could sustain for long term. On this basis, we hope through our extensive knowledge and our good and straight business in UAE market to establish a close relationship with renowned companies based on mutual interest and benefit to both parties.