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Doha, Qatar - Qatar | Jun 24, 2018

Industries: Health

Job Description for: REGISTERED GENERAL NURSE OVERVIEW The Registered General Nurse is an individual who holds a current, valid license issued under a national authority or board that authorizes them to practice nursing, this means providing care using systematic and ethical approaches to individuals and/or groups requiring specialized knowledge, judgment, and skill derived from the biological, physical, behavioral, social, and/or nursing sciences. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Directly reports to the Head Nurse • Provides client-centered care • Assesses patients physical, psychosocial and/or emotional needs for the purpose of planning, delivering and evaluating nursing care. This involves the collection of data through assessment, which may include interviews, observation and physical evaluations for the purpose of planning, providing and evaluating the outcomes of care. • Identifying patterns of human responses to actual or potential health problems amenable to nursing intervention. • Collaborate with other health care professionals to form a plan of care based on clinical information and patient observation. • Executing a plan of nursing care based on comprehensive assessment, selection of appropriate evidence-based interventions and evaluation of response or outcomes; • "Nursing interventions" could include preventative, restorative, palliative and/or health promoting activities. • Helping patients with day-to-day activities such as moving, bathing, dressing, eating and drinking, and grooming • Updating patient’s Doctor about its status/needs and ensure that the orders were effectively carried out. • Administer oral, enteral and injectable medications except for (IV) intravascular injection, as scheduled and as ordered while monitoring patients for side effect. • Serves as a resource person for knowledge of medication uses, side effects, and dosage. • Provide Health teaching to the patient and family. • Maintain medical records and appointments. • Performs Wound Care/Tracheostomy Care/Colostomy Care/Post-surgical care • Performs other duties as assigned. REQUIRED SKILLS • Manages time wisely • Being self-motivated • Being compassionate • Caring and willing to listen are require • Communication along with accurate observation • Decision-making skill • Have emotional stability • Sympathetic to their patients' wishes and needs • Knowledgeable and familiar on the basic to advanced nursing procedures QUALIFICATIONS • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing • 3 years Nursing Diploma or Associate degree in Nursing recognized by country of current License for Registered General Nurse (RGN) license • Minimum of 2 years hospital experience in the same position • With certificate of completion of recognized CPR course Interested applicants may send their CVs to:
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