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System Admin/Dev Ops

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates - United Arab Emirates | Sep 23, 2018

Industries: Information Technology

We are looking to hire an experienced System Administrator/Devops Engineer who specializes in Linux servers, to maintain, upgrade and manage our software, hardware and networks and help us build functional systems that improve customer experience.escription.


Install and configure software and hardware.

Implement integrations requested by customers.

Deploy updates and fixes.

Manage network servers and technology tools

Build tools to reduce occurrences of errors and improve customer experience.

Develop software to integrate with internal back-end systems.

Perform root cause analysis for production errors.

Set up accounts and workstations

Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements

Investigate and resolve technical issues.

Develop scripts to automate visualization.

Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance.

Troubleshoot issues and outages

Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls

Upgrade systems with new releases and models

Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies


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