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Case Manager- female candidate, Nehru Place

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New Delhi, Delhi, India - India | Apr 20, 2019

Industries: Tourism

TheDocumentation/Operation Officermust oversee all aspects of the Visa and Immigration Service, ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

The Documentation/Operation Officer mustinterview all clients and deal with all applications face to face and by post to ensure that the client is suitable.

You must oversee the completion of all relevant visa and immigration documents and ensure that they are received within the time limit set by the government.

Ensure that all of the information provided by the client is accurate and correct, preparing and checking all legal documents.

The Documentation/Operation Officermust prepare all fee quotes and any information required by clients, colleagues or authorities.You must maintain strong working relationships with all clients and colleagues.

Able to help the client to obtain Visas, and other documentation required.

You must take full responsibility of all Immigration issues and operations, remaining up to date with any changes to legislation.

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