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Maintenance Repair Worker

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Highland Hills, OH 44128, USA - United States | Jul 3, 2019

Industries: Manufacturing

Train and manage maintenance personnel and subcontractors.

Inspect, operate, or test machinery or equipment to diagnose machine malfunctions.

Record type and cost of maintenance or repair work.

Clean or lubricate shafts, bearings, gears, or other parts of machinery.

Repair or replace defective equipment parts, using hand tools and power tools, and reassemble equipment.

Perform routine preventive maintenance to ensure that machines continue to run smoothly, building systems operate efficiently, or the physical condition of buildings does not deteriorate.

Inspect drives, motors, and belts, check fluid levels, replace filters, or perform other maintenance actions, following checklists.

Use tools ranging from common hand and power tools, such as hammers, hoists, saws, drills, and wrenches, to precision measuring instruments and electrical and electronic testing devices.

Assemble, install, or repair wiring, electrical or electronic components, pipe systems, plumbing, machinery, or equipment.

Diagnose mechanical problems and determine how to correct them, checking blueprints, repair manuals, or parts catalogs, as necessary.

Dismantle devices to access and remove defective parts, using hoists, cranes, hand tools, and power tools.

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United States
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